New at Olively: Refillable Liquid Range

New at Olively: Refillable Liquid Range

After many months of dreaming, planning and trialling…Olively’s latest products have arrived!

Ivon, the brains behind Olively has long been hoping this day would come. While there are so many options in the market, what sets Olively apart with our latest release, is our sustainable option using the refill system and keeping the products as natural as possible.

Olively has been working away tirelessly to formulate liquid products in the form of a soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser. Within these four new products, you will still find Olively’s signature extra virgin olive oil (with all of the aforementioned benefits from our previous blog post). In addition, all of our formulas are free of artificial colourants, fragrances, silicons, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and GMOs.

This new product release, further cements our commitment to sustainability with our packaging choices. They come in 200ml bottles which are composed of 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable. Upon finishing the product bottles, you also have the option for each to purchase a refill bag. One refill bag is equal to 5 bottles of the 200ml product, using 80% less plastic. 

The first of our new product range is our Gentle Soap, which is suited to all skin types. This formulation includes our extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera, calendula; as well as a blend of essential oils with bergamot, yuzu and patchouli. A natural step following a cleanse is to moisturise. Our new Moisturiser is rich in vitamin E, phenolics and squalents, all of which repair and hydrate without leaving your skin feeling greasy. 

New additions to your hair care routine may include our Shampoo and Conditioner. Our natural shampoo will leave your hair feeling thoroughly cleansed and fresh. Our new shampoo is all natural, free of silicones, this can mean it may not lather as much as typical shampoos, however it will definitely keep your hair clean and healthy. Following your hair cleanse, you can moisturise and strengthen it with our new conditioner. Containing olive oil and silk protein, with an essential oil blend of cedar and hiba wood, it is a highly nutrient product to protect and thicken your hair.

“It was a long process with a lot of ups and downs. The idea of creating natural soaps with our olive oil came from a while back... but cosmetics are not something you create from one day to another. It's like building a takes time, and it was a step out of the comfort zone in a lot of ways. Finally after a year trying different formulas we were ready to go.” - Ivon Reijers, creator of Olively.

You can shop the all new refill range on our website now.

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