Benefits of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The good stuff. The holy grail of your everyday staples. 

It is so multifaceted in its uses and benefits. Whether drizzled over your salad, or included in your skincare ritual, extra virgin olive oil has numerous benefits both internally and externally.

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality of olive oil available and is made from cold pressed olives with no intervention from heat or chemicals. Due to the purity of its production process extra virgin olive oil retains a higher level of antioxidant content and a beautiful flavour. We can examine the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil by way of consuming it as part of your diet, as well as using it externally on your skin.

There are several reasons why you should be including extra virgin olive oil in your everyday diet. It is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and vitamins E and K. These in turn, are known to help with the following health concerns; reduce inflammation, help cholesterol level, manage blood clotting, lower blood pressure, provide antibacterial properties and promote wound healing. A rare occurrence where something delicious is actually good for you.

The number one cause of death in the world is heart disease and extra virgin olive oil is known to have properties which help nourish your cardiovascular system. It has also been known to reduce the likelihood of stroke, which is another hugely common cause of death. It has been well researched for decades that those living in the Mediterranean experience heart disease significantly less, hence the often used term Mediterranean diet, in which extra virgin olive oil is a main character. 

As well as helping your internal system, extra virgin olive oil can have vastly nourishing effects on your skin. It is highly beneficial in protecting your skin due to its high omega content. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are very supportive for your skin barrier and seals in moisture. Your skin barrier is imperative to healthy and functioning skin as it locks out all external pollutants and retains all the goodness. Extra virgin olive oil is also high in vitamin E which is very soothing to your skin and improves wound healing. You will also be looking as youthful as ever as it can provide relief from sun damage, reduce signs of ageing and increase natural collagen production.

If it isn't obvious enough by now, we love extra virgin olive oil. Its countless benefits are so widespread that anyone could find reason to share in our love. You can enjoy your next pa amb tomàquet with our delicious Olively Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its truest form. Or you can explore our beautifully formulated soap range, centred around the hero ingredient.


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