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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our 100% arbequina olive oil is an oil that has great softness, is light, has a fruity smell, a striking green color and is pleasant and delicate to the touch. It is recommended to enjoy as a "pa amb tomàquet", which is a Catalan style dish known as "bread with tomato spread and olive oil".

Origin: Alt Empordà (Catalunya, Spain).

Flavor: intense fruity.

Packaging: aluminum cans help preserve the properties of the oil, as they are opaque and protected from sunlight. In addition this packaging does not include single-use plastic as Olively are committed to preserving the environment in any way that we can.

Size: 500ml (96 x 42 x 155 mm) Weight: 0.5kg / Size: 250ml (75 x 39 x 120 mm) Weight: 0.3kg.

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