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Duo Set of Sustainability in mind: Gentle Soap

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Celebrate the joy of gift giving and receiving with the latest collection of modern eco-luxe gift kits. Inspired by nature and crafted with sustainablity in mind - your favourite Olively products packaged within 100% recyclable boxes.

This kit includes: our best selling Gentle Soap and their 1000ml gentle soap refill. The big 1000ml pouch of gentle soap equals to five bottles of our normal 200ml bottle, all wrapped in an exclusive Olively box.

  • Gentle soap: cleanses, purifies and balances all skin types, unlike other harsh soaps. This soap is the perfect natural body wash that you can either use it to wash your face, hands or body.

Sustainability: our bottle is made out of 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. We highly recommend to purchase our 200ml bottle once, then refill pouches for sustainable reasons, as well as saving 20% for every buy. 

Why refill? Our refill pouches of gentle soap = 5 bottles of 200ml. By buying our refill pouches you are saving up to 80% in plastic.