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Duo Set of Sustainability in mind: Moisturiser

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Celebrate the joy of gift giving and receiving with the latest collection of modern eco-luxe gift kits. Inspired by nature and crafted with sustainablity in mind - your favourite Olively products packaged within 100% recyclable boxes.

This kit includes: our mediterranean Moisturiser, and their 1000ml refill. The big 1000ml pouch of moisturiser equals to five bottles of our normal 200ml bottle. 

  • Moisturiser: hydrating hand & body lotion, rich in vitamin E, will help you prevent skin oxidation, and help regenerate, repair and hydrate without greasing the skin.

Sustainability: our bottle is made out of 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. We highly recommend to purchase our 200ml bottle once, then refill pouches for sustainable reasons, as well as saving 20% for every buy. 

Why refill? Our refill pouches of gentle soap = 5 bottles of 200ml. By buying our refill pouches you are saving up to 80% in plastic.