The Importance of Refilling

The Importance of Refilling

At Olively we are looking for simple sustainable packaging solutions that help millions of people to reduce plastic consumption forever.

The need for an absolute reduction in the use of plastic in general is very clear. A report by The Pew Charitable Trusts (Breaking the Plastic Wave) found that ocean bound plastic will triple by 2040 unless radical action is taken. The same report found that this amount can be reduced by 80% if a major change transformer takes place.

All this numbers are alarming to us, and for Olively one of the most effective ways to reduce plastic use forever is to switch to reusable packaging. That's why we've been exploring how to bring recharging and reuse solutions to consumers, in an effective, convenient and economical way.

In the short term, refills are the perfect alternative to prevent more plastic waste. Home and personal care products predominantly use single-use plastic and generate large volumes of plastic waste, approximately 90% of which is buried, burned or seeps into the oceans.

As a personal care brand, being sustainable means leaving the smallest possible footprint on earth, and as human beings, it means making thoughtful choices: taking only what you need, when you need it. At Olively we want to leave as little footprint as possible on the earth, which is why we are committed to sustainable products with refills.

All of our packaging is recyclable, or reusable. We offer a 200ml recycled plastic bottle to keep forever and a 1000ml refill so that you can save and make your own refills whenever you want.

Buy refills! The only difference between choosing a new product and recharging the one you already have is the amount of waste that will be saved. By buying our refill bag you are using 80% less plastic than buying 5, 200ml bottles, we contribute less to landfills, the manufacturing process produces less CO2 emissions and requires less energy and you save 20% for each purchase.

See all of our refill options here.

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