Skin Health With Essential Oils

Skin Health With Essential Oils

At Olively we choose essential oils and not artificial fragrances for a reason. Essential oils are distilled directly from plants, while fragrances are synthetic oils with laboratory-made aromatic attributes and have no legitimate therapeutic value.

We believe that essential oils intimately connect us to the earth and our experiences. As we explore our surroundings and inhale scents—like freshly cut grass, that smell of pine, or honeysuckle in spring—our sense of smell merges with our memories to signal emotional and physiological responses. Smells can instantly stimulate, calm, attract, or repel us.

Many beauty formulas are made with seductive aromas, in our case, our Gentle Soap contains a blend of essential oils of bergamot and patchouli, which arouse calming sensations and luxury. But keep in mind that aroma is only one part of a product, and focusing only on pleasure is not our goal. At Olively we understand the difference between ingredients that simply stimulate the senses and those that are also beneficial to our health. And it is that, not all the products of our daily routine, nor all the parts of our body, require aroma. But when scents make sense for a formula, they can offer incredible benefits for the mind and body.

The power of smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to the brain. It is an emotional, complex power, since it is linked to emotions and memories. When we breathe in a scent, receptors in our nose receive the scent and send signals through our olfactory system to communicate with the parts of our brain responsible for memory and emotion. The scents that travel along these pathways can trigger powerful memories and feelings because of these interconnections, our sense of smell is significant to how we perceive our environment, influencing our behavior, tastes, and moods.

At Olively we only use only essential oils when their function adds value to the formula, and each of our formulas is designed to offer a different attribute, in the case of our skin routine, our Gentle Soap and our Moisturiser contain essential oils such as bergamot, yuzu and patchouli, each of these essential oils provides incredible benefits, making the whole a rich composition for the care of our skin health.

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