Protecting Our Planet II

Protecting Our Planet II

Our way of being sustainable: plant-based, carbon neutral, recycling. 

In following on from our chapter on protecting our planet, this week we hone in on what exactly makes Olively a sustainable business. Ever since the early stages of development, before the full business concept was even realised, it was always known that being sustainable would be a cornerstone of Olively. At every turn, we have attempted to take alternative approaches to formulas, packaging and practices with the aim of ultimately reducing our carbon footprint. 

The hero ingredient of our product line is of course, the extra virgin olive oil from a local family farm. By utilising a main ingredient already in production, we are preventing waste. When it comes to our ingredient list, you can rest assured we use all natural ingredients. Our formulas are plant-based and free of toxins and parabens, as a result our soaps break down far easier after being washed down the drain. Additionally parabens, which are often found in large company soap production, have been known to kill coral life, as well as having some alarming effects on the body. The majority of our supplies are sustainably sourced locally from Spain and neighbouring countries so as to reduce our carbon footprint.

In preparing our stock, we try to avoid waste by overproducing. This is why we make our popular rapeseed candles using a ‘made to order’ system. With the process of soap-making taking 3-4 weeks for them to set, we are unable to follow the same mentality of controlling stock amounts in accordance with order numbers. We do however, produce in small batches for the same reason. Our packaging is also plastic free, using instead carton paper boxes which are far more likely to be recycled.

An exciting prospect in our sustainability journey is our upcoming liquid soaps with refills, which we hope to place within small businesses who share our passion. This new product will continue to showcase our beautiful extra virgin olive oil in an eco-friendly formula, while still nourishing your skin. We will be releasing details in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Limonada de Lavanda is a natural cosmetics boutique in Poblenou, Barcelona. Owner and biochemist, Paula was the first to stock our products in a physical store. Their natural and sustainable products are a must and we have listed some below for you to check out in store. 

A short selection of sustainable products that you can find at Limonada de Lavanda are:

- Ekobo Soap Dishes, the Ekobo soap dishes are made with a bamboo fibre base and a silicone lid. Compact, durable and easy to clean. They allow you to travel seamlessly with your solid bar soap while taking care of the ecosystem.

- Nuura Body Sunscreen, this Nuura body sunscreen has mineral filters, is organic and biodegradable. It is cruelty free and ocean care certified and the aluminium container is ecological. The Nuura sunscreen is designed for adults and children and is organic and biodegradable.

- La Corvette Laundry Soap, la Corvette laundry soap is a natural alternative for your weekly washes. The Extra Pure Marseille Soap flakes are 100% of natural origin made from vegetable oils. They are hypoallergenic and allow an ecological wash to wash textiles gently. Its packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

- Ere Perez Colour Pot, Ere Perez Colour Pot is a wonderful balm with carrot extract that can be used on cheeks, eyelids and lips. It’s a 3-in-1 make-up product that harnesses natural ingredients so you can look great, feel great, and have less of an impact on the planet. 

- Radiant Glow Mask, this mask purifies, revitalises and illuminates the skin thanks to the combination of cocoa and clay. It is deeply moisturising thanks to its high content of sweet almond oil and emollients. Instantly softens the skin with its exfoliating coconut particles and is for all skin types.

As part of The Olive Branch project, we ultimately want to maintain a relationship of honesty and transparency with our customers and community. This is why we have discussed our commitment to sustainability at length, as it is at the heart of the business mission. We welcome any discussion about our products or processes and look forward to expanding with time.



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