Olively's must this summer: body cream

Olively's must this summer: body cream

Olively's natural moisturizer is made only with plant-derived ingredients, without synthetic chemicals and artificial preservatives.

The main function of our cream is to achieve deep hydration, but when applied it is not heavy and is easily absorbed. Here is a list of the properties, benefits and some common ingredients present in our moisturizing cream:

  • Vegetable oils and plant extracts: specifically, we highlight olive oil and calendula oil as they are excellent for deeply hydrating the skin.
  • Natural Vitamins: Vitamin E and Vitamin C, derived from fruit oils and extracts, help protect skin against free radicals and premature aging.
  • Our exclusive blend of “mediterrani” essential oils: in addition to their natural fragrance, they have antiseptic and rejuvenating properties.
  • Without parabens or sulfates: we avoid all types of preservatives and synthetic detergents that can be irritating.
  • No artificial fragrances: as we use essential oils and natural extracts to add aroma.

Since our cream does not contain any toxic ingredients, it is ideal for all skin types, especially those that are more reluctant to this type of components. Use it daily, especially after a good shower, and you will notice your skin is more hydrated, protected, repaired, and with a better appearance in general.

To end, our moisturizing cream is an excellent option for those looking for a chemical-free product loaded with benefits derived from nature.

Remember that we offer the cream in a 1000ml refill format, which is equivalent to 5 200ml bottles. The refill format is a practical and ecological solution to reduce packaging waste and promote the sustainable use of personal care products. Adopting this format not only benefits the environment, but also represents significant savings in the long term, since for each purchase of a recharge you save money.

Advantages of the recharge format:

  • Waste reduction: reduces the amount of single-use packaging that ends up in landfills.
  • Lower environmental impact: reduces the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of new packaging.
  • Reduced cost: refills are cheaper than buying the product in a new container.
  • Lower spending in the long term: continuous savings every time the container is refilled.
  • Responsible consumption: more conscious and responsible consumption habits with the environment.


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