Natural Cosmetics for Men

Natural Cosmetics for Men

Men want simple but effective routines and more and more are those who want to achieve healthier and younger looking skin. At Olively we realized more than a year ago, when lots of men around me couldn't find natural products within their reach, so we then began to investigate the best ingredients for complete facial care. 

The first thing I did was to have a conversation with my father, since he likes to take care of himself, it was a great way to start realizing what his needs were but not long after into the conversation I realized how he had no knowledge whatsoever of what his skin type was like, and I have to admit that there is not much information available and probably most of you do not know how or where to start. Although there are key differences between men's and women's skin—for example, men's skin is thicker than women's—the basic elements of an effective skin care plan remain the same.

Since my father has very sensitive skin, we got down to work with our formulator, to find natural ingredients for facial care, and mix it all together to create simple but effective formulas. We spent months testing, mixing, giving samples to our friends and family and after months awaiting results of the lab we have found the perfect combination.

Olively men consists in a complete facial routine: shaving gel, aftershave oil, and an eye contour serum based on effective, safe ingredients and in the exact measure that your skin needs to see results. Among the ingredients we highlight bakuchiol, home-grown olive oil, and a combination of essential oils that will not go unnoticed.

Do you want to check it for yourself? Head down to the men's essentials page right now. And if yours is about beards, we have the ideal oil: beard oil, to make it shine and give you that touch of smell that will differentiate you from the rest of mortals.

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