Meet Shizen'na

Meet Shizen'na

Shizen’na translates to natural in japanese. This is an entirely appropriate name for the local Girona business which celebrates the power and versatility of nature. 

Shizenna is an aromatherapy service who take pride in getting the most out of plants, citrus fruits and flowers. Aromatherapy is a physical and psychological healing practice which utilises concentrated plant oils for a range of uses.

The team at Shizen’na are highly passionate and helpful in allowing us to utilise the environment’s elements for our space and everyday life. Montse Nart is an aromatologist and perfumer; and acts as lead designer of aromas. As chief executive, Jordi Castellet leads the executive area of the business with many years of experience. Assisting in the technical area is also Esteve Gomila, as an ethnobotanist and aromatologist advises on the cultivation and distillation of plants. 

Shizen’na’s essential oils are 100% naturally derived from plants and entirely without synthetics. These essential oils can be used to purify and soften the air we breathe in our everyday interior spaces. As part of a healing process, the oils can contain antiviral and antibacterial properties, assisting with a variety of ailments.

In personalising and purifying your everyday spaces, you can find an array of essential oils on the Shizen’na website. Each essential oil lists its benefits, a description of the scent as well as the aromatic composition. Whether you enjoy a warmer woody scent, or florals reminiscent of spring, there is a dynamic scent for everyone. You can find these, as well as a range of diffuser options, in store or online.

A shared passion for the environment and natural elements saw Olively seek out collaboration with Shizenna, when working on our new range of liquid products. Their team created the unique blend of essential oils, which help to enrich the Olively product experience. In addition, Shizen’na and Olively are hard at work for a new range of products we hope to announce in the upcoming months. You can find our new liquid refillable range in stock now at Shizen’na.

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