Explore the formula: The Eye Serum

Explore the formula: The Eye Serum

If you've ever indulged in a facial treatment, then you know how revitalized and vibrant your skin can feel with just a little extra care. Beyond helping you look and feel your best, a high-quality treatment builds on the benefits of your daily skincare ritual, further caring for your skin with botanical oils and just enough nutrients it needs to age gracefully.

The AM / PM Eye Countorn Serum works its magic in two different ways: Let's take a closer look at each of those steps.

Our Eye Contour Serum firms and illuminates the eye area thanks to a combination of concentrated vegetable oils. Made with bakuchiol, tamanu oil and myristate for deep hydration, they improve microcirculation and drainage, improving the appearance of puffiness and dark circles and thanks to the light-textured roll-on format, it helps rapid absorption.

With just these key ingredients, it will guide your skin through a restorative reset, purifying, exfoliating and hydrating at the deepest level to amplify the results of your daily care.

During the day we lose a significant amount of water through our skin. With this in mind, our serum works intelligently to deliver the extra nutrients and moisture to meet your skin's needs.

The essential ingredients:

Tamanu Oil: This oil is part of a centuries-old tradition, coming from Polynesia and Southeast Asia, where it was used for its various medicinal benefits. Reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Our own Olive Oil: Nourishes and hydrates the skin, promoting graceful aging.

Bakuchiol: The Vegan Retinol Solution. Penetrates below the skin's surface to hydrate, tighten and improve skin elasticity.

Professional orientation:

Adding our eye serum to your weekly at-home regimen is a great way to replenish your skin and provide all-important nourishing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory benefits. All skin types can absorb the multifunctional benefits of our sumptuous serum.


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