Bad habits stay in 2022

Bad habits stay in 2022

We have all been there.
We buy the best skin care products. We include them in our daily routine but we still don't get the results we want.

There are many reasons why we do not have a healthy skin. Possibly the products you have are not suitable for our skin type or it's just not a very good product in the long run. Products matter, but in addition to using the right products, it's also important to live a healthy lifestyle.

We've rounded up some of these bad habits that are putting in danger our skincare journey, and see if we can change them in 2023.

1. Not drinking enough water
Sometimes we forget that not drinking enough water is not only bad for our health, it also affects the way our skin looks and feels. If we have dry, flaky, wrinkled skin and not as fresh as we would like, it could be because you are not drinking enough water. The key is knowing the balance between understanding when I need, if I need to moisturizer or hydration, but we'll talk about this in a later blog.

2. Not getting enough sleep
Sleep is another thing we don't get enough of these days, we are all so busy doing other things. Do you remember the saying that sleep gives beauty? It's real! In fact, sleep may be the closest thing to a fountain of youth because that's when our body recovers and repairs itself. Sleep is extremely important to regenerate and produce new collagen, increase blood flow to the skin, and achieve an overall happier, healthier appearance. 

So let’s try to get those zzz’s.

3. Smoking and drinking
We know that smoking is bad, really bad for our health. And it leads to bad skin and bad complexion too. Have you ever heard of smoker's lines? Smoking is also a risk factor for psoriasis and can lead to dull, uneven skin tone.

What is there to drink? I enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, but binge drinking can take a toll on our skin more than we realize. And in fact, alcohol is one of the worst and most aggressive compounds that destroy our skin. The problem is twofold: dehydration and inflammation. Alcohol removes all fluid from the skin and at the same time causes redness and inflammation. Therefore, while occasional drinking is considered acceptable, it is best to drink plenty of water while consuming alcohol.


4. Not listening to our skin
We should learn to listen more carefully to our skin. After getting healthy habits, how does it feel when we are using skin products? Have I read the ingredient list? Does it contain natural ingredients? It is a good practice to become familiar with the active ingredients.

Pay attention to the little things that go a long way and help us fine-tune our skincare regimen. So make sure your skin stays hydrated during the cold winter months by using a good moisturiser.

What other habits should they be leaving in 2022? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments section. Let's bring good habits for 2023!

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