Areté de l'Empordà

Areté de l'Empordà

  • Hi Montse, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Catalan artist. I have been living in Sant Feliu de Guíxols for many years with my son, Mateu. I am a mum, full-time and I am the founder of Areté, a ceramics studio in the heart of Costa Brava. I have always loved flowers but I could never find vases that highlighted their beauty, so I started creating original pieces and working with one of the best florists in Barcelona.

(Montse creating pieces for Olively's new collection)

  • When did you start with ceramics? What do you like about it?

Thanks to the covid lockdown, I spent hours of pure joy turning the ceramic wheel, and I discovered that very special feeling of spending time in a workshop. I felt in love working with my hands and turning my ideas into shapes. I don't think it was my intention, but more an intuition. For many years I was working in the fashion industry as a fashion designer but life took me to my roots. 


  • What's a typical day like in your studio? Could you tell us about your creative process?

I have chosen what to work on and that makes me happy. Ceramics is not an exact science, my client should know that on Tramuntana days the pieces dry sooner and that depending on how they are that day, they will have one shape or another. My process is definitely fun while I give the right amount of proportion between crafts, design and art. I always start from a handmade drawing, I make a sample of that first idea and when the client is satisfied I start making that idea into a shape always being faithful to my style.


  • What style defines you and what is your favorite piece you have created?

(Montse holding The Rosetone in the Areté Studio)


I have it in display in my studio because it is a very special piece for me. The Rosetone represents the classic shape inspired by Greece, and represents the entry and exit of light. 


  • What do you like most about Olively?

I met Ivon when she was just starting to shape Olively and seeing the evolution she has made is admirable. I love the connection with nature, the smell of the products she has, like the body lotion, is incredible. I love the art of all the packaging and its attention to detail, and of course, what I like most is being able to create ceramic pieces made with a bubble technique that is a real challenge for me.

  • What's next for you and for Areté?

My future is my present. I want to keep following the meaning of "arete" which is a concept of looking for beauty in everything I create.

(Montse creating a piece in the ceramic wheel)

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