A sustainable gifting holiday guide

A sustainable gifting holiday guide

It's officially the holiday season… Time to celebrate, relax, spend time with loved ones and ready the cava! With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to offer our tips for the season so we can avoid creating millions of extra tons of waste and enjoy a more sustainable Christmas.

Each Christmas, households toss out roughly 30% more waste than any other time of the year. From gift wrapping and food packaging to unwanted gifts and increased travel, the holiday period is ultimately costing our planet. It is clear we simply can’t continue to see this kind of consumption in the current climate crisis. There is definitely a way to celebrate and enjoy the festive season, while protecting our planet. Read on to find out plenty of ideas to enjoy and feel good in our sustainable holiday guide.

  • Buy better, buy to last
  • Simply said, buy quality over quantity! Products made with high quality materials can last longer as opposed to cheap ones. When it comes to cosmetic products, choose brands that source their ingredients locally, use recycled ingredients and are handmade. This often means supporting small businesses who are more transparent about their products and processes. Sometimes opting for a cheaper option can feel like you’re saving money, however investing in a higher quality product will ultimately save money in the long run as you won’t need to replace the item every few months. 

  • Donate to a community program 
  • A fantastic alternative for gift giving during the holidays, is to take that money and donate to a worthy cause instead. Here are some deserving organisations where any amount could make a difference this Christmas.

  • Embrace sustainable gifting
  • There are a few ways to adjust to sustainable gift shopping. It helps to look inward at your local community and find small businesses and projects you may like to support. Purchasing second hand, gifting a fun experience as well as supporting an anti-waste business are all fantastic ways to give to your loved ones, as well as the environment. You can do so with these local and independent businesses this Christmas…

    • L’espai: a masterclass food experience  (@lespai.tossa) 
    • Bedford Street: second hand and vintage goods (@bedford_st_)
    • Pole Pole Slow Down & Massage: a relaxing and restorative massage experience (@polepoleslowdown)
    • Laagam: sustainable clothing (@laagam______)
    • Thinking mu: sustainable cothing (@thinkingmu)

  • Olively special holiday gift
  • We can’t discuss Christmas gifts options without mentioning what we’re offering at Olively. As a special gift for Christmas we have new packs of our signature olive oil based soaps. Depending on your needs, we have one box catering for skin, which includes our gentle soap and moisturiser. With another box designed for your hair, including shampoo and conditioner. The boxes themselves are beautifully designed by Quim Corominas, a local painter in Girona. You can find these sets, as well as plenty more gift options at the Olively website.

    By embracing more sustainable giving and mindful celebrating, together we can reduce the huge environmental impact of the holiday season. We hope our guide has inspired a few ideas for more sustainable, thoughtful, and joyful festivities. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and thank you for the support you’ve shown Olively throughout the year.

    With appreciation, team Olively.

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